Management Team

Management Team

Carter Serrett, CEO

Carter Serrett earned his MBA in 2000 and his Master’s Degree in Psychology in 2017, and recently completed coursework toward his PhD. Carter is a highly respected CEO and industry veteran with more than three decades of executive leadership experience. Carter joined the leadership team as Akua’s CEO in September of 2023 and brings his passion for delivering service and excellence to provide top-level care to Akua’s clients.

Catherine Pare

Catherine Pare, Sr. Finance Manager

Cathy Pare has over eighteen years experience in Finance and Accounts. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Columban College and is responsible for managing Akua’s banking relationships. Cathy works closely with our financial partners and auditors, and utilizes her experience and professional knowledge in the preparation and presentation of Akua’s financial information.

“Focus on being productive instead of Busy” – Tim Ferris
Connie Antenorcruz,

Connie Antenorcruz, Human Resources Director

Connie Antenorcruz is a compassionate professional with more than fifteen years’ experience in leading operations, planning, developing and evaluating personnel and labor relations strategies including policies, programs and procedures to address the organization’s human resource and accreditation requirements. She considers herself a life-long learner, which has prepared her for the challenging position of Human Resources/Accreditation for AKUA Mind and Body. Connie has keen and innovative insights in the areas of talent management, organizational development, and building and motivating teams. Connie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management and a Master of Science in Business Administration.

Andrea Dressler,

Andrea Dressler, VP of Community Relations

Andrea has a passion for ensuring behavioral health services are readily accessible for individuals that are seeking care. She has twenty-plus years of serving in Healthcare with advanced graduate degrees in Nursing from Washington State University and a PhD in Abnormal Psychology. She worked as a Behavioral Health Clinician and Community Outreach Advocate. Andrea passionately believes it takes a village to care for one another and support all those in need.

Peter Hilen,

Peter Hilen, Chief Clinical Officer

Peter Hilen, LMFT has worked in the field of behavioral health since 2005. After graduating with a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliant International University, Peter began working in the field of adolescent and adult substance abuse case management, family therapy, and individual therapy at Chapman Medical Center. In 2007 Peter joined Saddleback College in the Health and Human Services department teaching the Crisis Intervention and Practicum Site seminar. Peter managed a variety of program types including Inpatient and Residential Substance Abuse, Outpatient Substances Abuse, Inpatient Geriatric and Adult Psychiatric, and Adult Crisis Residential Programs. Peter has participated on several community and privately held corporate boards such as the Salvation Army in Los Angeles, the Orange County Substance Abuse Network, and the A.F. Gilmore Company in Los Angeles. Peter believes in the power of recovery and in creating communities in which individuals and families can attain an empowering experience.


Minjin, Vice President of Finance

Minjin Eduard, Vice President of Finance held many important roles at AKUA including Director of Revenue Cycle Management. Minjin graduated from California State University-Fullerton and is a CPA Candidate. With over 8 years of professional experience, and over 4 years of experience in Revenue Cycle Management and Accounting, Minjin brings process improvement, project management, and leadership skills to AKUA. She built AKUA’s Revenue Cycle Department since joining the team in 2016 and is an accomplished leader with excellent work ethic. Minjin is passionate and dedicated in supporting the clinical team and helping our communities.


Kenny Dewan

Kenny Dewan, Founder & Number ONE Fan of the Best Clinical Team in California

Kenny Dewan, is the founder of AKUA Mind & Body and of MondayOne. Kenny is an accomplished leader, motivational speaker, and a business executive. With over 30 years of business experience, Kenny brings a vast array of knowledge, passion, and leadership skills to AKUA. He is also a popular motivational speaker who has been interviewed by Forbes and Builder & Developer in regards to his philosophy and business acumen. With the assistance of the best clinical team in California, Kenny has created an open, collaborative culture at AKUA, which has directly translated into an environment of health and healing for all clients. With an unparalleled commitment to excellent and active fostering of ownership across all levels of the company, Kenny has helped AKUA become a Leader in Mental Health & Addiction Treatment.


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