Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Akua Mind & Body is closely monitoring the spread of the coronavirus and is doing everything we can to reduce the risk of infection at our treatment facilities. We have reviewed medical and hygiene protocols with staff and are in touch with local health care providers and emergency management centers to ensure that we are equipped with the latest information and resources.

As many news outlets have reported, proper hand-washing practices and sanitation of shared surfaces is the best way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Each facility is equipped with numerous sinks and hand-washing stations, and we encourage both staff and clients to use them throughout the day. We have also advised our staff to use extra precautions and diligence when cleaning and sanitizing public surfaces and have authorized the use of antibacterial products.

Wash hands

We have also implemented additional screening tools for our clients upon admission to ensure that they are not at an increased risk of having been exposed to the coronavirus. If a family member of a client becomes ill, we encourage them to contact our facility so we can more closely monitor their loved one’s health.

AKUA Mind & Body’s policies and procedures to mitigate the risk of infection:

  • Work with local and state public health organizations to understand the impact and spread of the outbreak
  • Designate staff who will be responsible for internal communication, policy implementation, and supply management
  • Monitor staff and clients for possible COVID-19 symptoms
  • Transition services, where appropriate, to telehealth services
  • Implement pre-admission and upon admission screening tools for all clients
  • Limit all exposure to the outside community
  • Visitors will not be permitted at this time
  • All community-based activities have been suspended
  • Clients will no longer be transported to non-essential outside appointments or store runs
  • Family Program has been suspended until further notice
  • Family sessions will only be offered via telehealth services
  • Alumni meetings and BBQ’s have been suspended until further notice
  • All non-direct care staff are to work from home
  • Policies have been implemented surrounding the proper use, distribution, disposal and replenishment of personal protective equipment


For more information about the virus and how you can help keep your family safe, please visit these websites:

CDC Coronavirus Summary

CDC Actions to Prevent the Flu

Please direct any questions, comments or concerns to the COVID-19 Akua Response Team:

Rebecca Palmer, Compliance Officer
Terrah Osborne, Program
Connie Antenorcruz, Director of
Stephen Mercurio,

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